Create more independent learners 

Help students to study, revise, proofread and increase their understanding. Useful tools in Read&Write such as highlighters, voicenotes, vocab tools (allowing you to read what I type for example), audiomaker and more help students to study smarter, more independently and to a high standard.



Why do we need to learn to write?

Writing, in sum, is good for developing your brain, for organizing your thoughts, for deepening your understanding, for improving your communication, and for managing some of the assignments, challenges, and opportunities that life throws at you.


How to improve your writing skills

Review grammar and spelling basics. Grammar and spelling form the foundation of good writing. ...

Read what you want to write. Knowing what a finished piece of writing can look like can guide your own. ...

Proofread. ...

Get feedback. ...

Think about structure. ...

Write. ...

Know some common fixes.

Teach basic English skills including reading, writing, and speaking. Compose lesson plans in order to successfully incorporate the full duration of each lesson. Execute lessons efficiently using different styles of teaching depending on the content. Engage students to ensure a lively classroom atmosphere. Click


- In my first teaching job in Lagos, I love it and I work in private school during the morning till afternoon and a secondary Tutor for evening. During my time in the field, I had a pleasure of working with amazing students. I always knew teaching is my passion and a way of learning and developing skills. I have also spent quality time working as an online English teacher here in Italy for couple of months now. I offer private English lessons for elementary and a special training offer for creative writing, mentoring and coaching.

- As a regular full-time school teacher in Nigeria. So, as an FTE I worked for 32 hours per week.

- My recent position is – A writer, coach, mentor and a teacher.

- My duties of teaching is to develop plans, implement curriculum, lesson plans, and educational programs for student audiences within areas of expertise. Also, assigning homework, grading tests, documenting progress and keeping up with parent communication.

- Levels handled are: AO/A1 English ( Beginner/ Elementary)

- A2 English ( Pre intermediate)

- B1 English (intermediate)

- B2English ( Upper intermediate)

- Weekly working hours between 8:00a.m to 8:30 p.m for my online courses.

- Main coursebooks used: Macmillan Books for teachers / Teaching English Grammar. My online pdf English course/ English Research for learners.

- My general level of job satisfaction refers to my overall feelings about the job and the well – being and happiness concerning my performance in the workplace and the environment.

As an ESL teacher, I should be able to relate freely with the students, be lovely, active, positive and have a welcoming attitude towards the students, great communications skills, confidence to deliver a great lesson plan.

C3- coaching- academy/ c3- English Research for learners ( Tutoring)

C3- coaching Academy Aspirational training is an educational, techniques used, apprenticeship training in health care, management inspiring on personal growth and development, aspiring for a good lifestyle and teaching on professional English course as a fundamentals such as: the alphabet, vowel, and consonant sounds as an effective and personalized teaching methods (English Elementary/Grammar).

C3- coaching Academy also Develop fluency and confidence in the steps, skills, and techniques used to help people successfully pursue their goals for positive change in life, work, and in the society. 

C3- coaching Academy is another way to reach your potential; Develop a growth mindset vs. A fixed mindset. Focus on the big picture, Time management and practice disciplines. These actions are called self-actualization. Our aims is to help people reach out to their potential by identifying their strengths and weaknesses and the activities you truly enjoy doing.

Most importantly, C3-coaching Academy is a training for motivational training on female gender by promoting equal opportunities for women in the societies and justices.