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Published on 19 July 2023 at 15:14

A full - time intensive program designed to help students meet the English language entry requirements to progress academically.

The guild provides insights into progressive learning institute through a day-to-day activities for students learning forums.

our mission project:

Activities for our learners/ learning English




Activity based teaching is a teaching approach that the instructor uses to deliberately engage the students in learning where the students participate rigourously and bring about meaningful learning experience. These approach is a form of teaching based on the students.

        What are the lesson ' types'







Functional language

          Different learners activities

Quizzes,buzz groups, snowballing, brainstorming, discussions and group learning, debates, presentations, role-play etc.

          Why we have unique learning activities in teaching English

Here we explore learning English with our free online listening, grammar, vocabulary and reading activities on live webinar and zoom.

   Practice your English here and get ready for our evaluations.





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what is phonology?

Phonology is the study of the patterns of sounds in a language and across languages. Put more formally, phonology is the study of the categorical organisation of speech sounds in languages; how speech sounds are organized in the mind and used to convey meaning.

             What is the difference between phonetics Vs phonology?

Phonetics is the study of the production and perception of speech sounds, and phonology concerns the study of more complex and abstract sound patterns and structures( syllables, intonation, etc.)

              How do we use phonetics?

Phonetics is a part of the English language which helps us to understand sounds of various alphabets. How an alphabet should sound is taught to us with the help of phonetics. How a word should sound depends on our tongue movements, vocal cords,lip movements and even our breath.

     How phonetics can he applied to teaching a language?

Knowledge of phonetic transcription is a critical content skill for language teachers,band such knowledge helps them to identify how words are pronounced in the target language and how their learners are missing the mark in their own pronunciation. Furthermore, it can be helpful in explaining how to make new sounds.

     How do you write something phonetically?

It involves writing out words according to how the letters and syllables are spoken. It doesn't represent an alternate way that words can be spelled in written communication, but rather simply provides a guide for correct pronunciation.

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